It’s time for the Education Superheroes to come together to make some noise!

We have been working alone. Fighting the good fight, unappreciated and sometimes, even defeated.

This stops right now!

No, this is not about the system or what parents and schools want. This is about us! When we decide to coach a world of superheroes, we have to release the education superhero in us.

Together, we are stronger!

Once a year, let’s meet and inspire one another. Let’s meet in heaven on earth. 7 days of love, tears, craziness, best practices, renewal, revival and excellence. The all star week for educators concluding with a 2 days showcase for the people of the world.

Welcome to Education Superheroes Bali 2022!


How will this work?

You have chosen a different path now.

Expectations of an Education Superhero are high!

Level 1 Certification

FREE when you sign up for 2 or more modules

No matter which board you are with or where you’re from, this course renews your commitment to the superheroes: the students. From Journey Mapping to the use of Let’s Fl!p, this is your first step towards a brighter path down the educator’s journey. 


Per individual

Special Promo for Schools and Teams

Level 2 Certification

OPEN to all educators around the world

Unlike any other programs you might have been to, this trip for you will be out of the ordinary. We will be working from paradise for a week. Your mind works best when it’s away from distractions and when you are inspired.


Accommodation and food included



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